Active Project: Unraveling the complexity of David Brock’s network of organizations

From individual users on social media to the highest levels of government, Brock aspires to deploy his network of organizations to contest conservatism in every aspect of our society.

The longtime liberal operative held a fundraising conference in late January where he solicited over $40 million from 120 top donors for his “Democracy Matters” initiative.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained a confidential memo distributed at the retreat that outlines Brock’s four year plan to unleash his network to fight back against President Trump and Republicans.

  1. American Bridge 21st Century – Super PAC & Social Welfare 501(c)(4)
    • Will defeat Trump “either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020.”
    • Will “measurably impact US Senate, gubernatorial, and state legislative races.”
    • Will bypass campaign finance restrictions by distributing content to voters online.
  2. Media Matters for America – Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
    • Will “expose” individuals they consider to be “serial misinformers inhabiting everything from social media to the highest levels of government.”
    • Will pressure Google, Facebook, and other internet platforms to shut down “fake news” sites.
    • Will “punish and halt” social media users that “poison our national discourse.”
  3. Shareblue – Private Media Organization
    • Will “take back social media for Democrats” by becoming the “de facto news outlet for opposition leaders and the grassroots.”
    • Will “force” Trump allies to step down or change course due to “news” pushed by Shareblue.
    • Will “pressure” Democrats to “take more aggressive positions against Trump.”
  4. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington D.C. (CREW) – Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
    • Will demand ethical conduct from the Trump administration.
    • Will take legal action against the Trump administration when the law is broken.
    • Will make the use of dark money, campaign finance violations, and ethics abuses a major issue in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

David Brock aims to be at the center of the opposition against Trump, and by all means he’s free to engage in that effort. However, if he wishes to exert such an intense degree of political influence upon everyday Americans, it’s critical that he do so within the rule of law.

Unfortunately, after analyzing the relationship between Brock’s tax-exempt charities and political organizations, a number of ethical and potentially legal issues are brought to the forefront.

  1. Report: Is David Brock’s Super PAC Engaged In A Fraudulent Payroll Scheme?
  2. Report: Is David Brock’s Foundation Falsifying Expenditures?


Previous Project: Campaign Finance Violations in the 2016 Presidential Race

The end goal for this project is to force an official audit on David Brock’s Media Matters Conglomerate.
This website contains full documentation of our Citizen’s Audit.  It’s time for the Government to do their job.
There were too many findings to fit into one article, so we split our story up into the 8 smaller pieces listed below:


The primary sources of data used to come to our conclusions are publicly available nonprofit IRS tax returns, Federal Election Commission filings, and business registration documents.  All we did was connect the dots between these publicly available documents.