Tired of Hearing About ‘Fake News’? Help Us Take Down Media Matters for America


  • Media Matters for America is one of the chief proponents of the ‘fake news’ narrative
  • Media Matters and related organizations are engaged in numerous counts of financial fraud and campaign finance abuses
  • Help us put a stop to Media Matters and their attack on our 1st Amendment rights

Media Matters for America is the mainstream media

Media Matters for America claims to be a nonprofit research center dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative ‘misinformation’ in the media.

But they’re much more than that.

“We were pretty much writing their prime time,” a former Media Matters employee told the Daily Caller. “Virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”

A search of “Fake News” on Media Matters’ website produces 91 results, with most of the content found produced after the November 8th elections. By their own admission, the mainstream media relies on the content Media Matters pushes.

It’s not a stretch to claim that much of the hoopla we’ve witnessed about ‘fake news’ can be traced back to Media Matters.


Manufactured outrage over ‘fake news’ is an assault on the 1st amendment

The First Amendment guarantees us the right to a free press. Media Matters’ efforts to combat ‘fake news’ is an assault on this right.

Prominent politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, are now calling for congressional action against independent journalists exercising their right to a free press.

“It’s a danger that must be addressed,” Clinton said on December 8th. “Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress to boost the government’s response to foreign propaganda, and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news.”

This should be seen as a frightening development for anyone who values the voice independent journalists.


Help us put a stop to Media Matters

Media Matters, one of the chief proponents of stopping ‘fake news’ has a lot to hide. In fact, an investigation conducted by the Citizens Audit has uncovered numerous counts of financial fraud and campaign finance violations at the offices of Media Matters.


Media Matters isn’t 1 organization – it’s a conglomerate of 14 separate entities

Media Matters shares office space with 6 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one paid solicitor. All aspects of the American political scene are represented in the conglomerate:

  • Media Matters – oversees conservative media
  • American Bridge – oversees and tracks conservative politicians
  • Correct the Record – oversees and corrects conservative communities on the internet
  • Franklin Education Forum – funds training for progressive media pundits and politicians
  • Center for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington DC – funds legal action against conservative groups
  • The Bonner Group – the paid solicitor that provides funds to the conglomerate.


Media Matters is committing financial fraud

In what looks to be a money laundering or a skimming scheme, Media Matters is utilizing the Bonner Group to pass money in and out of the conglomerate. After each pass, the Bonner Group pockets a 12.5% commission.

In one example, we analyzed how Media Matters for America spent $1,062,857 in 2014.

  1.  Media Matters would received $1,062,857
    • The Bonner Group earned a $132,857 commission
    • Media Matters retained $930,000
  2. Next, Media Matters donated $930,000 to the Franklin Education Forum
    • The Bonner Group earned $116,250 commission
    • The Franklin Education Forum retained $813,750
  3. The Franklin Education Forum then donated $813,750 to The Franklin Forum
    • The Bonner Group earned $101,718 commission
    • The Franklin Forum retained $712,031

In the end, the Bonner Group pocketed $350,825.


That’s not all

Media Matters is also filing fraudulent tax returns.

American Bridge 21st Century makes rental payments to Media Matters, but Media Matters does not report that rental income to the IRS.


The Media Matters conglomerate illegally coordinated with the Clinton Campaign

Media Matters, a nonprofit organization, is prohibited from directly participating in any political campaign.

They violated this prohibition when they leaked Donald Trump’s convention speech to the Clinton Campaign on July 21st.

Per IRS regulations, the penalty for a nonprofit participating in a political campaign is the revocation of the nonprofit’s tax-exempt status.


Correct the Record Super PAC illegally coordinated with the Clinton Campaign on 17 separate occasions

Correct the Record Super PAC provided illegal in-kind contributions to the Clinton Campaign on 17 separate occasions.  Highlights include:

  • Commissioned a private polling firm to conduct polls that showed Clinton winning a Democratic Debate in December 2015.
  • Staffed a “30-person war room” to defend Clinton during hearings before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, to blast reporters with “46 research-fueled press releases, fact-checks, reports, videos, and other multimedia releases during the hearing.”
  • Paid staff to “develop relationships with Republicans” and “sleuth out confidential information from the Trump campaign,” and to distribute that information to reporters.
  • Paid a consulting firm “to help oversee an aggressive surrogate booking program, connecting regional and national surrogates with radio and television news outlets across the country in support of Hillary Clinton”.

We are calling for an audit of the media matters conglomerate

Media Matters has done all of this while keeping their tax exempt status. It’s unacceptable.

Media Matters needs to be audited – they’ve done too much damage already, and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

We are calling on the IRS and the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Media Matters. Please consider adding your signature to our petition.


More research is on the way

Despite all the findings we’ve uncovered, it barely scratches the surface in comparison to what we’ve recently uncovered.

After months of searching, we’ve uncovered Media Matters’ audited financial statements from 2007 to 2014.



Not to be confused with an IRS audit, these documents have been prepared by Media Matters’ accountants and lawyers.

There’s so much information hidden in these documents. We look forward to exposing what’s contained within these statements in the coming days.





    Do you think Trump should release his tax returns Andrew?

    • Andrew Kerr

      I believe that, based off the evidence presented, Media Matters should be audited and have their tax exempt 501(c)3 status revoked.

      My opinions on whether or not Trump should release his tax returns are irrelevant to this effort.

      • FNLED

        I understand the purely partisan focus and your “effort”.

        But for the record, give us a glimmer of you opinion about Trump and his refusal to expose his conflicts of interest especially concerning possible policy decisions important to Americans.

        • Andrew Kerr

          Only so much time in the day, friend.

          Shout out to Media Matters for giving me so much to write about.

          • FNLED

            Yeah, documenting right wing lies and misinformation needs to to be stopped.
            Your partisanship does nothing to help Americans .

          • Laney

            Actually it seems you are very uninformed. I will go even further, I do not believe for 1 nanosecond that you read Andrew Kerr’s column. To beat that warped drum of yours at this point proves you are the one unable to set aside partisanship. President-elect Trump won. Your side lost. Media Matters is a shamful operation that encompasses at least 10 other operations where money is if not laundered, hidden. Improve your life, do some honest research and get up to speed on your own political viewpoint before spewing the hate your side does when unpleasant truth slaps ’em in the face. Oh, don’t bother replying, I try only once to get through the thick skull of a Liberal.

          • FNLED

            Can you speak to any American political and policy issues important to working folks?

          • Olen Rush

            Spot on Laney!

          • Lucille Munro

            Your partisanship does nothing to help Americans either.

          • #NoLegitimacy?GetBlocked

            Excuse me?

    • DJ Mystery Twister

      Wasn’t that question asked over a year ago?

      Fuck me you’ve got some catching up to do!

      Good luck, retard.

  • WashakadaSpirit

    David Brock, the founder of the liberal media watchdog organization Media Matters, was blackmailed for $850,000 by his gay ex-lover who threatened to reveal information about the nonprofit group’s finances to donors and the IRS, according to dueling lawsuits.
    In order to pay the handsome sum, Brock sold a historic $1.5 million home he owned in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the author claims.
    The lovers’ quarrel was dug up by Fox News, which as been at war with Brock and Media Matters for years over his criticism of the network’s conservative voice.
    Media Matters is a liberal organization that rails against the influence of conservative media.
    Fox News is its most frequent target.
    In a lawsuit, Brock says his former lover of 10 years, William Grey, contacted him three times after their breakup and demanded payment or he would embarrass him to his donors and report him to the IRS.
    In May 2010, Brock says his lover sent an e-mail to him and his new partner James Alefantis that read: ‘David, You and James pulled this same kind of sick nonsense in 2008 to try to hide your financial malfeasance. Next step is I contact all of your donors and the IRS. OK? Do you understand?
    ‘This is going to stink for you if you do not resolve this now, I assure you.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107394/Media-Matters-founder-David-Brock-accuses-gay-ex-lover-blackmailing-850K.html#ixzz4T8TdfmeS
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  • DJ Mystery Twister

    Thanks to “Reality Calls Show”
    For pointing me this direction.

  • Lucille Munro

    Hi Andrew:

    Just listening to you on Info Wars with Roger Stone. I’m very interested in research and am very skilled at triangulated research. I’d be interested in helping out to uncover and bring to justice Media Matters and any other purveyors of Banning Free Speech and forcing propaganda down our throat, i.e. the talking heads on all the major news networks.