Scott Foval’s Connection to Hillary Clinton’s Shadow Campaign


Scott Foval was the National Field Director of Americans United for Change.

Last night, he was fired as a result of this video released by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. The video exposed Scott bragging about paying homeless and mentally ill individuals to incite chaos at political rallies.


This afternoon, Project Veritas released another video, further exposing Scott Foval.

Foval claims that he’s been involved in rigging American elections for decades. He even makes a point to mention that he’s, “The only one to send when everything has gone to s***”, and that his Boss gives him marching orders when no one else is willing to go.



So, who is Scott Foval’s Boss?


That would be Brad Woodhouse – President of Americans United for Change.


Americans United for Change operates out of the 4th Floor of 455 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20001.



Two floors above Americans United for Change is Correct the Record, a Pro-Clinton Super PAC that coordinates directly with the Clinton Campaign.

As it turns out, Brad Woodhouse is also the President of Correct the Record!


brad-woodhouse-ctrCorrect the Record is a Super PAC that works on the “coordinated” side of the Clinton Campaign.  Under current rules, Correct the Record claims they can coordinate directly with Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff about strategy.


Correct the Record shares office space with 13 other Pro-Clinton organizations


Correct the Record isn’t alone on the 6th floor 455 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.  They share office space with 13 other organizations – all of which are chaired by David Brock, a notorious pro-Clinton political operative.

Correct the Record is just one of the 7 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one unregistered solicitor crammed into David Brock’s office.

In fact, Correct the Record shares 8 employees with another one of Brock’s Super PACs, American Bridge 21st Century!





Let’s Recap

Hillary Clinton openly coordinates with a Super PAC, Correct the Record.

Correct the Record shares office space with 13 separate organizations, all of which are chaired by David Brock.

The President of Correct the Record, Brad Woodhouse, is also the President of Americans United for Change.

Americans United for Change is located just two floors below David Brock’s Conglomerate.

Scott Foval, the Political Director for Americans United for Change claims to receive marching orders to rig elections from his boss, Brad Woodhouse.


Enough is Enough.


This truly begs the question: Is the Clinton Campaign pulling the strings here?


  • So what.

    • AZRain

      Said like a true Clintonista. Laws? What laws? You’re pathetic, just like Hillary.

  • Me

    Has anyone noticed that the Brad woodhouse’s brother is Dallas Woodhouse the executive director of the GOP in North Carolina.Hes Over the office that was firebombed.

  • peacemaker64

    the so called progressives and media propaganda machine is quickly sinking! the super rich are worried as their ‘cash cow’ is in danger of being lost.. We the people CAN and DO think for ourselves. I can count on one hand the only avenues of true, unbiased true reporting left. (and Hillary/Obama and their minions have mindset to remove these as well). over 60% of Americans have stopped watching or listening to the great media machine; Guess what? Trump has 15% lead over Hillary( liberal poll says the opposite to tell me that). all the media propaganda tv channels are saying the same lies. So, The ‘great unwashed’ are smarter than the liberals give us credit for!!