David Brock’s Double Dealings: The Luca Strategy Group



Between March and May 2016, both the Bonner Group and the Luca Strategy Group received payments from Correct the Record Super PAC

Both companies are run in part by the same individual

The Federal Election Commission requires Super PACs to submit detailed line item reports for every receipt and disbursement. Super PACs are required to submit these reports quarterly, enabling a close to real time analysis of their financials.

Correct the Record is a David Brock Super PAC.  As we exposed in a previous report, Correct the Record openly collaborates with the Clinton Campaign due to loopholes in our campaign finance system.  They’ve raised over $6 million to support Clinton this election season.   Every dollar came in through Brock’s unregistered solicitor, the Bonner Group.


Key players at the Bonner Group

The Bonner Group submitted this document to Colorado on March 7th, 2016.  In it, the names and titles of their executive personnel are revealed:

  • Mary Pat Bonner – President
  • Clifford Eichler II – Vice President
  • Allison Thomson Luca – Senior Vice President – Operations & Strategy


Furthermore, Allison Thompson Luca is identified alongside Mary Pat Bonner as being in charge of solicitation activities at the Bonner Group.


Why does this matter?

Allison Thompson Luca is the senior Vice President of the Bonner Group.  She’s one of the two individuals that are in charge of all solicitation activities.

Representing the Bonner Group, Allison Thompson Luca has helped raise over $6 million for Correct the Record, resulting in a total of $647,266 in commission payments for the group.  The last recorded commission payment was just 3 months ago.

At the same time, Correct the Record has also made two payments totaling $40,000 to the Luca Strategy Group, LLC.


The Luca Strategy Group, LLC

Below is the May 4th payment reported to the FEC:


The check was made out to an address in Virginia.

Sure enough, the Luca Strategy Group is registered as an LLC in Virginia.


We have a match; the business name and address matches the receipt filed to the FEC.


Notice the date of Formation?

Luca Strategy Group was registered as an entity on March 16th, 2016.   Just two weeks later, they received $30,000 from Correct the Record.


It doesn’t stop there

Allison Luca is the Registered Agent and Organizer for the Luca Strategy Group!



Yes, this is the same Allison Thomson Luca representing the Bonner Group as its Senior VP!


See what happened?

Since July 2015, the Bonner Group has collected a total of  $647,266 in monthly commission payments from Correct the Record Super PAC.

Allison Thompson Luca is the Senior VP at the Bonner Group.  She’s in charge of all solicitation activities.

On March 16th, 2016, Luca formed an LLC at her home address in Virginia – the Luca Strategy Group.

Between March 31st, 2016, and May 4th, 2016, Correct the Record disbursed:

  • $248,593 to the Bonner Group
  • $40,000 to Allison Luca via her LLC, the Luca Strategy Group


Best case scenario, this is a massive conflict of interest for the Bonner Group.  Their Senior VP is collecting double-pay from their client.

Worst case scenario, this is another example of fraud at David Brock’s Washington DC office.  It just keeps on piling up.

Special thanks to Reddit user SouthernJeb for tipping us off to this connection.


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