Documented Proof: Clinton Campaign Illegally Coordinating with Super PAC via Middleman Allida Mae Black



  • Allida Mae Black works directly with the Clinton Campaign
    • She serves as a member of the Hillary for America Finance Council
  • At the same time, Allida Mae Black serves on the Board of Directors for the Super PAC “Priorities USA Action”
  • It is illegal for political campaigns to collaborate with Super PACs in this way


Who is Allida Mae Black?


Allida Mae Black is a “Hillblazer” – she’s contributed and/or raised $100,000 or more for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

On March 4th, 2016, she posted on Facebook that she was at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters the day before for a Finance Council meeting.



Allida Mae Black is also on the board of Priorities USA Action


Priorities USA Action is the largest pro-Democrat Super PAC, with over $71 Million spent this election cycle alone.  Allida Mae Black announced on January 23rd, 2014 that she joined the Super PAC.



There is no indication that she ever left Priorities USA Action.  As of September 12th, 2016, Ballotpedia still shows Allida Black as a Board Member of the Super PAC.






Here we have a board member of the largest Democratic Super PAC, Priorities Action USA, who also works directly with the Clinton Campaign.

This is illegal.

Super PACs are prohibited to coordinating strategy or spending with political campaigns.  In February 2015, Tyler Eugene Harber pleaded guilty to coordinating campaign contributions in a case strikingly similar to what we’ve exposed here.

“According to the plea documents, Harber was the Campaign Manager and General Political Consultant for a candidate for Congress in the November 2012 general election. At the same time, Harber participated in the creation and operation of a PAC, which was legally allowed to raise and spend money in unlimited amounts from otherwise prohibited sources to influence federal elections so long as it did not coordinate expenditures with a federal campaign.”

What can be done about this?


The Clinton Campaign is brazenly and illegally coordinating with Super PACs.  We previously exposed how the Clinton Campaign illegally purchased Research from another Democratic Super PAC, and there are still more findings we will be releasing this week.

Nothing can be done about this if people don’t know what’s happening.  Our first priority here is exposure – if you found this to be interesting, please share this article using the buttons below.  We will be back later this week with even more documented proof that the Clinton Campaign is illegally coordinating with Super PACs.


  • KItime

    Accounting Fraud and Treason are the new normal despite the siphoning from the previously healthy COMMONWEALTH which itself a foundation for the accumulation of ANY private wealth. Both of these utterly irrelevant POTUS choices are proof positive that there is one, and only one, FATAL flaw in all Democracies. And that is that ANY Democracy is completely defenseless against the influence of money. The Democratic concept of one-man one-vote is completely violated as soon as a vote can be bought for money, and that is when the Democracy DIES!

  • NoBS

    Think this double agent for democratic corruption regrets screwing over Brenie supporters yet? Doubt it, she is what we call emotionally dependent. A dangerous tool who has crossed to line of reason and logic. The perfect useful idiot to be used as traction for the Hillary motorcade.

  • Brigid

    Yet Tea Party groups had bizarre questionnaires about what was said at meetings, had applications denied or sat on for years. While these scumbags sat in the open committing multiple felonies. Is there anything she touches that doesn’t turn to foul malfeasance, criminality, scams of the grossest nature, from the rape of Haiti to running the DNC as part of her campaign against Bernie to bogus AIDS drugs from Ranbaxy to Libya–I could go on, but is it any wonder the weight of a lifetime of dirty venal pathological disregard for ethics, honesty, and operating lawfully is crushing her now?